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This memorial website was created in the memory of our little miracle, Moses Mackay Ragan who was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 01, 2005. He was born at 28 weeks premature and weighed 2 lbs 6 oz at birth. His fraternal big twin brother, Abraham, was 2 lbs 10 oz.  Moses was a fighter from his first breath til his last.  His sweet and gentle spirit touched many lives, from the nurses and doctor in the NICU to the friends and family that prayed for him. Moses passed away on Decemeber 2, 2005 from complications of open heart surgery.  He will be missed by his family and remembered by those that follow him. Every day we think of him and remember his fight for life. We will love Moses forever and will speak of him often.

**This passage from the Bible was especially special to
Michael and I when we were thinking about the boys being born and what a miracle they were. It was even more meaningful after we found out that Moses had Down's Syndrome. We fully believe that our Heavenly Father does not make mistakes and that Moses was created exactly how HE wanted.  We can trust and rest in HIS wisdom.

Psalm 139:13 - 18
"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.  I praise You for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well.  My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them. how precious to me are your thougs O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I would count them they are more than the sand.  I awake and I am still with you."

**Please take the time to light a candle or leave a tribute for Moses so we know that you were here.  Knowing that people are loving us, supporting us and praying for us means the world to us.

Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved you.
Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the miracle of life. 

The Cord

We are connected, my child and I,
by an invisible cord not seen by the eye.

Its not like the cord that connects us at birth,
This cord can't be seen by any on earth.

This cord does its work right from the start,
It binds us together, attached to my heart.

I know that it's there though no one can see,
This invisible cord, from my child to me.

The strength of this cord, It's hard to describe.
It can't be destroyed, It can't be denied.

It's stronger then any cord man could create.
It withstands the test, Can hold any weight.

And though you are gone and your not here with me.
The cord is still there, but no one can see.

It pulls at my heart, I am bruised, I am sore.
But this cord is my lifeline, as never before.

I'm thankful that God connects us this way.
A mother and child... Death can't take it away!

Fledgling by Blues Traveler
(this song inspired Michael's tattoo in honor of Moses)
Raise your head
Meagerest of fledglings
And breathe in deep
And cease to cry
For life it beats within you
To fix upon the sky
And fix upon...

The sky
Is beckoning your coming
Your feathered nest
Has grown too small
The wind
Is here to greet you
Spread your wings and simply fall
Spread your wings and simply fall
Spread your wings
Spread your wings and simply...

Into the rushing air
And struggle
And fight to rise above
And then surrender
To your freedoms
For these are the pains of love
And these are the many pains of love
And many, many are the pains of

That frightening fall has become a friend
With gravity now do you play
Inches from death and the frozen ground
And then away
The clouds separate to reveal the warmth
Of the goldenest bright shining sea
Nigh falls and its gone again
But now youre free
To give it chase
And to...

Soar through heaven
Mightiest of eagles
And rule your minions
Of the sky
The earth
Is far below you
Once it s prisoner now do you fly
Once just a fledgling now
Do you fly
Now my fledgling now my fledgling do you

 Kenny Chesney ~ Who You'd Be Today:

Sunny days seem to hurt the most ~ Wear the pain like a heavy coat
I feel you everywhere I go ~ See your smile, I see your face
I hear you laughing in the rain ~ Still can’t believe your gone
It ain’t fair you died to young ~ Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away ~ God knows how I miss you
All that I’ve been through ~ Just knowing, no one could take your place
Sometimes I wonder, who you’d be today
Would you see the world ~ Would you chase your dreams
Settle down with a family ~ I wonder what would you name your babies
Someday’s the sky’s so blue ~ I feel like I can talk to you
And I know it might sound crazy
It ain’t fair you died to young ~ Like a story that had just begun
But death tore the pages all away ~ God knows how I miss you
All that I’ve been through ~ Just knowing, no one
could take your place
Sometimes I wonder, who you’d be today
Sunny days seem to hurt the most ~ I wear the pain like a heavy coat
The only thing that gives me hope
Is I know, I’ll see you again someday

Memorial Poem
We do not need a special day to bring you to our minds
The days we do not think of you are very hard to find
Each morning when we awake we  kow that you are gone
And no one  knows the heartache as we try to carry on
Our hearts still ache with sadness and secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you no one will ever know
Our thoughts are always with you, your place no one can fill
In life we loved you dearly; In death we love you still.

There will always be a heartache, and often a silent tear
But always a precious memory of the days when you were here
If tears would make a staircase, and heartaches make a lane
We'd walk the pat to heaven and bring you home again
We hold you close within our hearts; and there you will remain
To walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again
Our family chain is broken and nothing is the same
But as God calls us one by one the chain will link again

Moses - Angel Day Poem

One sweet day last November
You were sent from Heaven above
A precious gift from our Father
To care for, cherish and Love.

You came quietly into the world
One minute behind your brother.
We were excited to finally meet you
To be your father and your mother.

Moses, I loved you from the very start
Our lives had just begun
You stole my breath and captured my heart
We’d become a part of each other, little one.

You started out so very tiny
I could hardly believe my eyes
Then they took you away so quickly
I didn’t want to say goodbye.

Many days I’d spend sitting by your bed
Just gazing at your cherub face
Thinking of all that you would become
Praying your life would be touched with grace.

Little did I know
Your time with me would be brief
That I’d have to give you back so soon
And feel such heavy grief.

But God saw that your heart was tired
And a cure was not going to be
He opened His arms wide to you
And He said “Moses, Come to Me.”

You stepped into His presence
That sunny December day
My heart broke to see you go
There was nothing left I could say.

I’m never going to hear your voice
Or your hungry late night cries
But I know the hurtful sound
Of saying our last goodbyes

I’ll never watch you take
Your first steps on your toes
But I always feel you right inside me
Everywhere I go.

I’ll always have a heartache
And many a silent tear
But I’ll have the sweet precious memories
Of the time I had you here.

My sweet angel boy Moses
As you bask in the glow of the SON
Know that you were loved right from the start
My heart is forever yours, little one. 

With love forever and ever and always - to the moon and back
Momma and Daddy




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Sweet Moses,
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5 years...   / Momma
My sweet boy  it's been 5 years since you went home to be with Jesus.  Seems like just yesterday some days.  Daddy and I went to visit you this morning and took some pretty Christmas decorations for you.  It was bitter cold just l...  Continue >>
I WONDER   / Linda McAndrew (MIMI)
Beloved Moses....our Miracle baby: I wonder can you see me? Can you hear my thoughts of you As you walk the streets of heaven Under skies so crystal blue? I wonder if you've met your Nanny. And cuddled in her arms? Has she told you childho...  Continue >>
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Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Moses   / Paul McAndrew (G-Dad)
Precious Baby Moses, Happy Birthday Number 3. I love you dear sweet boy. Though you may be absent from my sight, know that you'll never be from my heart.

There is a new family with a downs little boy that has begun to attend church.&nbs...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Honoring Moses' life and celebrating Abraham's continued growth  
This year we will be walking in the March of Dimes Walk America.  It is to be held on May 21, 2006 in Forest Hill MD.  We have raised $300 to go towards research in Premature Births.  We walk to honor Moses and his short life and to celebrate Abraham's continued growth.  If you would like to donate to our walk, please visit our website

Thank you!
Michael, Erinn and Abraham Ragan
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Moses's Photo Album
Momma ready to meet us.
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